Recipe for Success in Command Center Projects

The concentration of remote command and control centers is now a reality and is now possible thanks to the availability of collaborative software management tools such as the Canvas solution from Jupiter. The technology growth of remote command and control centers once thought to be out-of-reach is now a reality. At Jupiter, we believe much of this is now possible thanks to advancements and availability of collaborative software management tools like our Canvas solution.

Canvas, by allowing the association of subsystems, computational architectures, programs and different forms of data entry, ensure collaboration and decision making among employees. This, in turn, fundamentally allows for:

  • Convergence of IT infrastructure, communications, networks and video, improving the visibility of the entire operation of the company.
  • Management and remote access allowing employees to make their interactions globalized.
  • Streamlining business and workflows, thereby increasing the ability to process and provide information.
  • Robustness and physical security of systems and subsystems, equipment and infrastructure, as well as the logical protection of information
  • Ability to solve situations and increase the efficiency of employees by leveraging and pooling resources on the workstations.

Construction of an integrated command and control centers requires the establishment of a project with high conceptual standards, specifically:

  • Hire integrators specialized in both systems and human reliability, aiming at the detailed design of the work process and environments, determining the physical space and the technology to be adopted.
  • Support the plans for the acquisition of the Graphic Controllers of Jupiter with Canvas Collaborative Graphic Management software, thus promoting disruptive innovation and causing a more modern and adequate standardization, breaking the old paradigms.
  • Also develop the categories of purchase of visualization systems, according to the purpose and pixilation required in each location to use, following the pattern of the architecture surrounding the Integrated Command and Control Center, in which we recommend the use of the Zavus micro-LED for visualization systems and, for crisis rooms and meeting rooms, the PANA105, which is a 21:9 panorama 5K resolution LCD .
  • To provide LCD display wall concept at the workstations, thus allowing the unification of screens, mice and keyboards at the operating station Jupiter Systems Inc. has PixelNet distributed solution, too.
  • Provide technical and ergonomic furniture that aims mainly at the ideal balance between the safety of its employees and professional efficiency, giving a more comfortable, flexible and, above all, healthier work environment.
  • Registration of activities and the scope of purpose, organizing and planning of the installation and assembly services, as well as the assisted operation of the beginning of the centers, in one of its operational windows, with the well-defined period and the goals to be achieved.

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