Global Certifications

Jupiter is dedicated to supporting our channel partners globally. We recognize the importance of obtaining individual product certifications by country. To date, we hold over 25 product certifications across the globe. Below is the list of current certifications. Please check back for updates as we continue to add to this list.

Jupiter’s Pana line is the only 21:9 large LCD with full safety certification not only for US and EU but specific country Certs for the UK, Australia, India, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil, Italy, Norway, Poland, Netherlands, France, and more. We also hold VESA Display HDR certification.

Obtaining industry certifications like UL, IEC, RoHS, IECEE, EMC, RCM, and EAC is crucial for the partners we provide bespoke products to. These certifications ensure that the products meet specific standards for quality, safety, and environmental impact. They also ensure that the products can be sold globally without any regulatory issues. Therefore, it is essential for electronic equipment manufacturers to prioritize obtaining these certifications to build consumer trust.