Video Wall Processors

Modular and Future Compatible

Jupiter’s video wall processors are modular and can expand to any size configuration imaginable, from a single stand-alone display to a massive global network of thousands of connected wall devices accessed by millions of teams simultaneously, worldwide. And if your existing video wall was built with a legacy Jupiter processor – regardless which series – you can add on with confidence knowing that all Jupiter processors are cross compatible. Our Canvas software pulls together all your content assets and protects your investment.


You need visibility, Jupiter can build it. See what processor suits best your needs.

Made in the USA


With over 40 years in the video wall industry, Jupiter is a worldwide leader in hardware and display wall processors. At the core of our Quality Management System (QMS) is a strong commitment to delivering consistently superior products and services to our customers. Our Catalyst and PixelNet processrs are built and assembled in our California ISO 9001:2015 production floor to maintain the best-in-class standard for customers.

Enabling Interaction

What makes Jupiter’s video wall processors the premium gold-standard solution of the industry is its world-class software management platform. Canvas software is a secure and powerful collaboration platform that enables real-time data exchange, both inside and outside of the control room.


Canvas connects your entire Catalyst and PixelNet processing installations even when displays exist in separate buildings.

On Site Visibility

Connects resources in the field and gives them a direct channel to contribute live feeds when escalating issues require immediate attention.

Secure Accessibility

Canvas works anywhere in the world you work on any device. You’re granted secure access and editing controls of the video wall for real-time collaboration.

Jupiter Video Wall Processors


Easy and affordable video wall hardware

  • Resolutions up to 4K
  • Multiple walls in a single chassis
  • Warp and blend processing boards


Windows 10 processor supporting massive video walls at the high resolution on the market.

  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Up to 156 4K inputs
  • Up to 1500+ IP streams
  • Web / VNC / Application support

PixelNet ®

Easily visualize and control data that spans across multiple rooms, throughout a building or campus, or sprawled across an entire metropolitan area

  • 100% redundant AV over IP system
  • Integrated KVM
  • Unlimited video walls and displays
  • Unlimited 4K inputs & IP Streams
  • Web & VNC support

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