Video wall controller that delivers secure, uncompressed transport of pixels end-to-end with unlimited scalability for the largest and most demanding multi-wall command and control applications.

End-to-end security




JITC tests technologies that pertain to the multiple branches of the armed services and government, advancing global net-centric testing and evaluation in support of warfighting capabilities.

Build your PixelNet ecosystem

Direct input and IP streams for multi-stream decoding.

AES 256 encryption of every pixel end-to-end utilizing an expiring encryption key management architecture for each source for the highest level of operational integrity with no impact on interoperability. Integrated with Jupiter Systems’ Canvas collaboration software.

Connect all Input and Output Nodes through a qualified PixelNet Bus switch, scale the layer2 type backbone to fit an unlimited installation size. Manage it all with Jupiter’s PixelNet Director Controller connected to the same bus to deliver full redundancy for mission critical 24/7 operations.

Fail proof & recovery

PixelNet is a self-configuring and self-monitoring system designed for 24/7/365 uptime, for utmost reliability. PixelNet supports fully redundant servers, add a second PDC to automatically take over for critical 24/7 operations. PDC auto-recognizes issues before or after they show up on the video wall by monitoring all the hardware in the network and logging events.

PixelNet is a high-bandwidth, non-blocking switched network. Data transmission from one PixelNet Node to another is completely independent of other communicating nodes. PixelNet Nodes have long MTBF, but in the unlikely event that a Node does fail it will not disrupt the operation of the other nodes in the network, and a failed Node can easily be replaced while leaving the rest of the network running.

Layer2 infrastructure system

PixelNet vs AVoIP

Fiber network capabilities allow support to large distributed systems with an unlimited number of sources and displays across multiple locations and vast geographies. Input and output signals can be direct or IP, but inside the PixelNet director signals are always digital and can be transmitted long distance without degradation. Video processing is done in the digital domain, including crop, scale, deinterlace, and noise reduction.

PixelNet utilizes a closed secure network to transmit source pixels using Layer 2 vs. the Internet Protocol of Layer 3. There is no compression utilized in PixelNet vs. AVoIP so the source signal integrity is maintained. PixelNet does not burden an organization’s enterprise infrastructure, unlike AVoIP which requires compression to minimize impact.

PixelNet Director Controller

Manage all nodes and bus bandwidth while supporting multiple video walls with various geometries and resolutions. A second server running PDC can be added for full, automatic redundancy for mission-critical 24/7/365 operations.

Input nodes

Match and direct input sources with corresponding input nodes.

Input nodes support resolutions up to 4K and with future-proof customization.

Easily visualize and control different video walls that

span multiple rooms, sites or accross a city/region.

K/M Link

Control sources/windows from any PixelNet workstation or video wall.

Simply connect 2x mini-USB cables between source computer and input node to enable KVM functionality within PixelNet, easily added to any existing installation of PixelNet 2.0 hardware.

Output nodes

Drive a single window on a single screen, multiple windows on a single screen, or an entire display wall. For instant audio, plug speakers directly into the Output Node.

Standalone single output node

Small form factor and low profile to fit on a desk. Powerful enough to drive multiple sources/windows on a display wall with audio support.


Virtually decode any IP stream on a corporate or dedicated AV network. A flexible node that decodes SD, HD, and 4K resolutions without the need to change hardware. Simply connect SFP+ connections to the PixelNet bus, assign an IP address to the node, then create IP sources in the configuration.

Universal IP Decoder.

Support WEB and VNC sources natively.

Unlimited 4K inputs and IP streams

100% secure and redundant

Unlimited video walls and displays

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