Zavus Xtreme Pixel


Flip-Chip COB MicroLED

3840 Hz

Scan rate

1000 Nits

Sustained luminance

DCI-P3  Rec.2020

Dynamic color gamut

16 Bit

Color processing


Contrast ratio

Touch Ready

Anti-static, dust proof, water resistent

Unmatched colors and contrast



We spent more than a year developing a solution with the high-end processor to make sure we can control each LDM, not just control incoming video image parameters.

This allows us unprecedented control over the cabinet electronics. White point, color rendering and seam correction down to each individual LED module are available to control from a simple UI interface that is web-hosted and accessible from desktop or mobile end-points, with ultra-high bit-depth performance.

Health monitoring is similarly easily accessible from a web hosted interface that can encompass multiple LED wall locations for an entire building or campus. The Helios platform can be specified with the desired combination of modular inputs as per project requirements.

21:9 5K wall sizes, or customized


Fit for Microsoft Teams Signature Rooms