Pana X


Quantum Dot Mini-LED LCD

The 21:9 Pro Series

5K 120Hz

Native refresh


Nits of brightness




Local dimming zones


Vivid color gamut and true black



Bezel-less, glass to edge, super low profile 105-inch with InGlass touch at 78mm total depth, ADA compliant.

Pana X-series 21:9 5K 120Hz
Professional Display Line


Pana X models comprise a range of sizes in thin-profile touch or non-touch 5K 120Hz LCDs with quantum dot Mini-LED, each with optically bonded, tempered, anti-glare edge to edge glass, identical frame-less design, identical back, identical depth dimension, identical ports at identical locations.

Native Refresh Rate at 5K

Our Quantum Dot Mini-LED backlight on a massive panel is so intense we had to develop a separate driver board as its engine.

We went far beyond any enterprise display has ever accomplished in visual quality, challenging high-end home TV specs.

No built-in system, no vulnerability risk, fully secure display.

Pana displays do not carry an embedded (or hidden) Android system. It does not require an on-board computer or system to drive the 5K display. We designed our Pana line to meet the most stringent user environments.

As an added option, we offer powerful (and convenient) systems for our 21:9 120Hz pro-line Pana displays, either through a slot-in Jupiter designed and engineered on-board computer, Windows or Android, or for more vigorous video processing, our compact CRS-5K processor can splice up to 32 windows on a single Pana display while driving 5K, a Video Wall in a Box™.

Bezel-less, glass to edge, super low profile 94-inch with metal mesh capacitive touch at 78mm total depth, ADA compliant.