Powerful Collaborative Visualization Software for Operations Management, Anywhere

  • Web based, intuitive object-based, drag and drop interface
  • Supports both Active Directory and Workgroup environments for user authentication
  • Permission based access with identical views whether inside or outside of control room
  • Easily select streaming sources for sharing, annotate directly on live video and data, and control content from cameras, applications and web
  • Arrange video and data windows anywhere on display wall at any size
  • Save preset scenes in advance for quick recall for specific situations, specific users, or time of day
  • Provides encrypted security and SSL authentication

Integration Across Multiple Video Walls

Canvas connects your entire Catalyst and PixelNet processing installations together even when displays exist in separate buildings as in a sprawling campus or on every floor of a skyscraper.

Your investment goes a long way as clients aren’t locked to one line of processors. Canvas pulls together multiple processor families allowing you to invest in the system you need today knowing we’ll keep you covered and connected through your future expansion.

Now going mobile!

Canvas web-based platform connects resources in the field and gives them a direct channel to contribute live video feeds when escalating issues require immediate attention.

This allows experts back at headquarters or anywhere in the world to guide technicians in the field during crisis situations.

Or the inverse – allows leadership to exit the confines of HQ and get in the field where they’re more effective and still maintain visibility of the whole situation.

Cyber Secure

Cyber security is the cornerstone of Canvas. All encrypted communication integrates with Active Directory for user authentication and uses role-based security schema for object level permissions which prevents users from inadvertently exposing content to anyone without explicit permission to view it.

Our mobile solution works on ethernet, WiFi, 4G and 5G networks and all communication and video are encrypted using a 256-bit key when the signals go out on the public network.

Canvas documentation

Download Canvas datasheet and hardware requirements

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