Powerful cloud collaborative visualization software for operations management

See Everything. Work Anywhere

In today’s globalized work environment, effective management requires a shared operating picture, even across continents. Canvas delivers real-time video, data, and application screens to video walls, laptops, and mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Visualize and Collaborate with Ease

Canvas transforms any video, map, or data into a collaborative platform. Easily and securely share sources with your team, whether you’re traveling, working remotely, or at home.

Stay Connected and Informed

Use Canvas to engage with colleagues via live video feeds, web pages, application data, and remote workstation control. Smartphones and tablets become powerful collaboration tools—just point your camera and share live video, complete with expert overlays.

Key Features

Real-Time Collaboration: Instantly share video, data, and application screens.
Global Accessibility: Connect team members worldwide.
Versatile Visualization: Transform any video, map, or data into a collaborative tool.
Secure Sharing: Share sources securely and safely.
Mobile Integration: Leverage smartphones and tablets for collaboration.

With Canvas, stay engaged and make informed decisions wherever you are. Transform your team’s collaboration and keep everyone connected.

Simple, fast and secure, the most complete enterprise visualization software on the market.

Web based drag and drop object GUI on desktops, tablets and mobile devices

Preview live sources and windows

One touch source view scaling for the easiest video wall management in the industry

Real collaborate tools like annotation, chat and KVM

Mobile integration for field operations

Jupiter hardware integration.

Pixelnet and Catalyst Integration

Unleash the Power of Jupiter and Canvas for Superior Video Wall Management

Experience the ultimate in video wall management with Jupiter’s award-winning hardware, now featuring seamless integration with Canvas. This powerful combination not only ensures top-notch security but also offers unparalleled control and functionality.

Exceptional Integration and Features

Canvas goes beyond standard integration by providing deep, unique connectivity with Catalyst and PixelNet hardware. This integration brings exclusive features that no other processor in the world can match. By supporting both hardware and software decoding within the same system, Canvas significantly reduces project costs while delivering stunning visual clarity. Key hardware metrics like fan speed, error logs, user activity, GPU & CPU temperature, chassis temperature, and RAID status are monitored and can automatically trigger SNMP traps, ensuring optimal performance and swift issue resolution.

Reliable and Robust Hardware

Jupiter’s specialized input and output boards are engineered for continuous 24/7 operation, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your video wall. This dedicated hardware eliminates concerns over failures, supply chain disruptions, and multi-vendor incompatibilities, providing a comprehensive turnkey solution for any project.

Enhanced Security and Simplified Management

Canvas Server supports public SSL and TLS certificates, giving IT teams full control over their environment with encrypted communication and data. Remote collaboration is secure and straightforward via VPN, with robust security measures and permissions to prevent unauthorized access. Maintenance and upgrades are hassle-free, making Canvas Server an ideal choice for integration into IT infrastructures. Trusted by banks, utilities, and government networks worldwide, Canvas Server is designed for deployment in the most secure environments.

Real crisis, real response.

Why Choose Jupiter and Canvas?

Unmatched Integration: Unique features and deep connectivity with Catalyst and PixelNet hardware.

Cost Efficiency: Combined hardware and software decoding reduces overall project costs.

24/7 Reliability: Purpose-built boards ensure continuous, long-term operation.

• Comprehensive Security: SSL/TLS certificates, encrypted communication, and strict permissions control.

• Ease of Use: Simple remote access, seamless IT integration, and automatic hardware monitoring.

Transform your video wall management with the unparalleled synergy of Jupiter hardware and Canvas software. Ensure reliability, enhance security, and streamline operations with this robust solution tailored for the most demanding environments.

Download Canvas datasheet and hardware requirements

Download Canvas General Documentation