Typically installed in these Markets:

  • Operational Control Rooms
  • Military & Government Command Centers
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Utility & Energy

Typically installed in these Markets:

  • Operational Control Rooms
  • Military & Government Command Centers
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Utility & Energy

PixelNet Processors

Easily visualize and control video walls that span multiple rooms, throughout a campus or across a city.

  • 100% redundant AV over IP system
  • Integrated KVM
  • Unlimited video walls and displays
  • Unlimited 4K inputs
  • Unlimited IP Streams
  • Web & VNC support

Native support for 4K video, fiber network. Audio for a scalable and ultra HD video distribution system

Supports an unlimited number of inputs and displays in multiple locations.

Enable real-time HD or 4K information display to a virtually unlimited number of screens at sites spanning a building, campus, or a continent.

Architecture of a PixelNet Installation

PixelNet Range

Canvas Management SoftwareYes
Redundant100% redundancy 24/7/365
Automatic FailoverYes
Physical Inputs
Max HDUnlimited
Max 4KUnlimited
Network Inputs
Web BrowsersUnlimited
Max HDUnlimited
Max 4KUnlimited

Domain Controller PDC

Manages all nodes and network bandwidth while supporting multiple video walls and managing various geometries and resolutions. A second server running PDC can be added for full, automatic redundancy for mission critical 24/7/365 operations.

Input Node

Match the input sources with an appropriate Input Node: direct inputs use the PixelNet Input Node and IP streams use StreamCenter for multi-stream decoding.

StreamCenter Node

Decode and display multiple streaming IP sources – each one can handle 1080 or 4K resolutions.

Output Node

The PixelNet Output Node can drive a single window on a single screen, multiple windows on a single screen, or an entire display wall. For instant audio, plug the speakers directly into the Output Node.

Infinite 4K Scalability

PixelNet is a complete audio visual distribution platform capable of visualizing any type of data on any size or resolution display. The flexible hardware platform can be deployed as a single signage player, matrix switcher, multi-viewer and video wall processor. Powerful software manages each input and each display in the ecosystem. Displays can be synchronized together to create a video wall of infinite size — all the way up to 4K resolution on each display — or connect hundreds single displays together for the ultimate command and control room visualization tool.

Any source. Anywhere.

PixelNet Domain Control software enables centralized management of the system and supports multiple walls up to 4K resolution, with no limit on number of inputs or number of displays. Applications that would typically require many separate vendors and a heterogeneous solution can instead be managed with a single system of interconnected PixelNet Nodes. Third-party applications and control systems are supported by the included API and network control protocol.

Pixel Perfect Quality

Uncompressed video ensures the best pixel quality for crystal clear video, and patented technology creates a video distribution ecosystem capable of handling inputs and outputs in almost any resolution. Direct connect and streaming IP inputs signals sources at up to 4K resolution mean ultra-high quality video.

All connections between nodes and switches are accomplished using common SFP+ connections. Video signals are enhanced through the use of superior video processing technology for de-interlacing, anti-aliasing and inverse telecine, resulting in broadcast-quality display.

24/7/365 Uptime

PixelNet is a self-configuring and self-monitoring system designed for 24/7/365 uptime. All hardware components are autonomous and can be redundant for a fully secure and reliable system.

PixelNet input and output nodes can be configured with fiber optic connections via SFP+. Fiber network capabilities allow support to very large distributed systems with an unlimited number of sources and displays across multiple locations and vast geographies. Input and output signals can be either direct or IP, but inside the PixelNet domain signals are always digital and can be transmitted extremely long distances without degradation. All video processing is done in the digital domain, including cropping, scaling, deinterlacing, and noise reduction.

Front & Backwards Compatible

Not only is PixelNet backwards compatible with legacy PixelNet systems, but with ANY Jupiter processor line creating a hybrid system–totally compatible frontwards and back and definitely budget friendly.

That means when you trust Jupiter, you can add on with confidence knowing that all processors are cross compatible through our Canvas software as it pulls together all your content assets and protects your investment.

Fail Proof & Recovery

PixelNet is a high-bandwidth, non-blocking switched network. Data transmission from one PixelNet Node to another is completely independent of other communicating nodes. PixelNet Nodes have a very long MTBF, but in the unlikely event that a Node does fail it will not disrupt the operation of the other nodes in the network, and a failed Node can easily be replaced while leaving the rest of the network running.

For the ultimate in reliability, PixelNet supports fully redundant servers, add a second PDC to automatically take over for critical 24/7 operation. PDC auto-recognizes issues before or after they show up on the wall by monitoring all the hardware in the network and logging events.

Powerful and Secure Collaboration


Canvas connects your entire Catalyst and PixelNet processing installations even when displays exist in separate buildings.

On Site Visibility

Connects resources in the field and gives them a direct channel to contribute live feeds when escalating issues require immediate attention.

Secure Accessibility

Canvas works anywhere in the world you work on any device. You’re granted secure access and editing controls of the video wall for real-time collaboration.