Who can benefit from a Video Wall Solution?

The Security Control Room is growing at an alarming high rate. It is expected to grow from $7.2B (USD) in 2018 to $10B (USD) in 2023. This growth is attributed to many things including government Initiatives, more modern policies and regulations around public security and safety, increased need for visibility into criminal activities, and the ability to see and forecast natural disasters.   

With the increased number of remote works, the rise of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), and additions of video cameras, companies are adding more and more end points to their network. Companies now have a higher need to view and manage these end points, and this is where Jupiter can help. Jupiter has many solutions to bring multiple types of inputs into one centralized location so they can be viewed, managed, and manipulated. Jupiter has hardware only solutions, software only solutions and hardware + software solutions. 

Below are a few examples on how different industries use Jupiter to manage their operations: 

Transportation – Our transportation customers have thousands of cameras that need to be monitored at various times throughout the day. They also have various news channels and other sources that need to be monitored as well. With the Jupiter Catalyst and Jupiter Canvas solutions, all the sources reside on a Canvas Server that is hosted on an on-prem secure network which makes these sources shared sources. Shared sources mean multiple people can view the same sources at the same time, and their views can be independent of each other, or they can view the source together in a canvas which allows them to annotate and collaborate on the source. These sources can also be viewed from any device, meaning a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. This makes managing a crisis much easier. Let’s say there’s a weather-related evacuation and the control room operators are not able to get to the control room. The operators can help manage the crisis from anywhere and have the same capabilities they would have if they were physically in the same room as the video wall. Transportation can also assign temporary or permanent Canvas rights to other emergency departments like Police, Fire and Rescue so they can all access the same video feeds and sources to work together to ensure everyone gets to safety. 

Police – There are many ways Police Departments use Jupiter solutions, but the one we are seeing more of is the ability to view officer’s body cameras.  With the Jupiter Catalyst and Jupiter Canvas solution, the officer’s body cam is simply a source in the Canvas Eco-System and is viewable by anyone who has permissions to see it. If an incident occurs that requires priority the officers body cam can also be displayed directly on the videowall, so it is front and center until the threat is contained. 

Utilities, Gas, Electric – These industries have a lot of equipment and diagnostics to manage so their sources are different than the previous camera centric examples. Yes, they do have cameras, but they are mostly looking at SCADA data and other analytics to ensure transformers and other equipment are performing properly and optimally. A good example of how Jupiter Canvas is being used, a worker has been deployed in the field to fix a transform but when they arrive on-site, the transformer does not match the CAD drawing they received from the architect. Instead of going back to HQ, the worker can open Canvas on their smartphone and share their video back to HQ so they can see what the fieldworker is seeing and HQ can share the correct information with the worker in the field to get the transformer fixed. The field worker can stream video back to HQ while simultaneously looking at the data being shared from HQ 

Security Operations Center (Enterprise Customer) – Security Operation Centers vary by customer but for the most part they ensure the premise is safe. They sometimes handle Internet security as well. They have camera feeds to view, as well as various new channels, and other web-based applications. Again, with the Jupiter Catalyst and Jupiter Canvas solutions they have the ability to bring all of their source types to a central location to be viewed, managed and manipulated.  They can even have access to remote computers. For example, they see a security threat on a P.C. on the network. As long as they have permissions in the system, they can VPN to that P.C. and either turn the computer off, or run the right security application to get rid of the threat. 

The above are only a few examples of the industries Jupiter services. We have solutions to help with any video wall needs regardless of the size of the wall and/or operation.   

So to answer the question, “Who can benefit from a video wall solution?” Anyone who has multiple end points that need to be viewed, managed, or manipulated.