The Perfect Display for Any Team

Ultra-wide displays and video processing are readily available, and there is no reason you shouldn’t have access to these in your workspace.

Many applications require a big desktop in terms of resolution, size, and interactivity. Multiple industries like EMS, traffic management, utilities, and others constantly monitor video streams and employ video wall management. So what exists today that can accommodate these types of demands?

We have the perfect solution at Jupiter Systems

At Jupiter, we anticipated the future moving in this direction and lead the market in this offering. Our launch of enterprise-grade 21:9, 5K LCD is the largest and most affordable available today. 

Pana’s 21:9 ultra-wide 5K resolution brings a refreshing form factor to the conventional display market. Our 2 meters wide Pana 81 display optimizes team productivity, allowing for improved interaction and workplace collaboration. Pana provides 33% more pixels with the 5K resolution, giving the user more real estate in which to work.

Pana’s ultra-wide display is the next generation, a small video wall with higher resolution (5K), allowing the placement of any content in any customized hierarchical arrangement. Pana’s single display surface eliminates bezels formerly attributed to legacy video walls improving the viewing experience—an ideal replacement to an array of side-by-side aging 16:9 displays or a legacy 3×2 video wall. 

And if you want it bigger? Sure, why not try our 105″ Pana screen? 

Precisely the same screen, just bigger. 

Why 21:9?

Pana is a 21:9 ultra-wide LCD available today. With the explosive growth of gaming and online content platforms, this aspect ratio will continue to gain popularity. 

Dynamic User Experience 

Interactive screens have transformed the way we interact daily with technology. These advancements have impacted our expectations for ease of use, speed, and interactive autonomy. As users, we expect the same interactive experience we have grown accustomed to with our personal devices to extend to those used for collaboration in the office and beyond. Interactive touch provides an elevated experience. 

Optimized for your 21:9 display 

SimpleShare software comes preloaded on every Pana display and is designed to facilitate meetings promptly and effortlessly. It has a visual user interface that’s clean, straightforward and launches your collaboration activities with the fewest numbers of clicks. Your colleagues will have access to video conferencing, whiteboarding, sticky notes, screen captures, and sharing to get the most out of any meeting held on Pana

Pair our Pana screens with the Windows 10 processors we offer (Catalyst V and CRS-5K) and you will have full video wall capabilities at your fingertips.

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