The Originator and the Adapter

Jupiter is the inventor of the video wall processor, the first one was developed almost 40 years ago. The first video wall processor was a simplified version of the advanced solutions of today. The modern wall processors can be used for showing all sorts of sources on the video wall (e.g. IP camera’s, remote managed servers, web pages and locally installed applications), but also for video conferencing solution like Zoom, Teams etc.

Over time new features were developed like, collaboration, local viewing of sources. But also, more advanced functionality like live annotations and collaboration between users. Especially in situations like today where users are working on different locations, the ability to invite a colleague to view a source has proven to be very popular. This feature is also used in first responder control rooms where an incoming call can be dispatched to an operator along with relevant camera feeds and GIS information.

Throughout the years Jupiter has always adhered to the latest, commonly available technology and open standards. This allows the system integrators to have easy deployments, configure and support complex integration into customer environments, and integrate wall processors with 3rd party systems, like Geo Information System and Video Management Systems.

Jupiter has developed a broad range of wall processors running Canvas wall management and collaboration software. This range starts with a desktop wall processor for smaller meeting rooms up to rack mounted systems (Catalyst) with multiple extension cabinets for input, decoding and output cards. These large systems can drive video walls up to ten or more displays.

For even larger deployments with multiple walls, PixelNet provides customers with flexibility in term of inputs, outputs and decoding capacity. The PixelNet solution can grow virtually unlimited and provides 4K end-to-end and is a future proof investment as 8k support is already built in.

All Jupiter wall processors can be managed via a single web interface for configuration and managing content shown on the wall. Preconfigured layouts can be chosen from the same web client. Users with the right credentials can manage one or multiple walls from the web browser running on mobile device. Installations with a combination of Catalyst and PixelNet hardware can be controlled with the same user interface. All Jupiter solutions provide user administration management features, which provides access management using username/password or Active Directory integration. Assigning predefined roles to users means only accredited personnel can have access to certain features of the solution such as changing layouts shown on the wall, source management etc.