40 Years of Cutting-Edge Development

July 2021 is Jupiter’s 40th anniversary! From the industry’s first display wall controller fully designed and manufactured in California back in 1981, Jupiter has been focused on innovating solutions to not only meet the needs of the command-and-control market but additional applications as well. Today Jupiter offers more than just display wall controllers, but also collaboration software (Canvas) allowing any device hosting Canvas to window its display with various sources and manage all display end points from any location. Add to that the first 105” 5K displays and you have a wide gamut of solutions for many different applications from the oldest display wall controller manufacturer providing seamless, powerful and customizable solutions to meet your needs. 

Jupiter continues to add new products throughout each year while maintaining long product life cycles through incorporation technologies to meet the current needs of our customer and anticipate future needs as the industry continues to evolve. “Wait and see” is not in Jupiter’s vocabulary, but rather “Here comes the 1st of its kind”. With this approach, our competition is left wondering how Jupiter achieves these milestones and where we are going next.