Technological Investments in Critical Environments

Maintaining critical environments that operate 24:7:365 is essential for effective and quality operations. Command-and-control centers are gradually consolidating in a collaborative way that makes decision-making more direct and transparent to the managers.

The expression “technological innovation” is gaining more and more traction, but is it worth investing in technology? Ensuring that the command-and-control center modernizes itself with new technology will prove to be an excellent investment, capable of considerably improving numerous aspects. 

Beyond improved efficiency and performance of the command center itself, this would allow for more dynamic professional relationships to form and data compilation to be readily available. Another benefit, due to the spread of mobile devices and personal computers, is taking advantage of the opportunities brought by distributed access, as we live in a reality of the multiplicity of access to information in our own hands.

Now, since all this is valid, when is it worth investing in modernization? To answer this question, the following premises must be adhered to:

  • What parameters attest that the operation is no longer efficient? That is, do the analytics indicate that changes are necessary? Systems that measure operation intelligence and information management adequately evaluate these standards.
  • What are the direct and indirect costs involved in exercising command, control, decision-making, and information flow? What are the investment possibilities and current needs? By understanding the costs, one can see how technology can benefit the command-and-control center.

In this context, Jupiter Systems is introducing a new modern, robust concept in graphics controllers and software for collaboration/management that operate in a 24:7:365 regime. These controllers are designed to be friendly, reliable, and streamlined for users of any level. 

If you are interested in learning more about these systems, please email, and a representative will get back to you!