LightSpeed Technology in Action

When designing even small installations, it is essential to have solutions that provide high performance and flexibility at the same time. These characteristics have always been inherent in Jupiter’s content rendering solutions. This is why Jupiter Systems is developing a new line of J-Series video wall controllers that deliver performance and reliability for installations of all sizes.

An integral feature of the J-Series line is that these systems have no Windows operating system, which differs from other Jupiter controllers. The absence of an OS eliminates the need to work with additional software, protecting from viruses and other threats. In addition, the customer does not always require the extended functionality of Windows and installed applications. Sometimes you need a reliable and straightforward device for processing and quickly displaying information sources in a multi-window mode – this is where J-Series excels!

The new J-Series line is equipped with LightSpeed technology, allowing ultra-fast capture, zoom, transmission, and framing of signals. With LightSpeed, signal transfer from a signal source to display is under 16ms, boasting one of the fastest times in the industry. In addition, the system is designed to provide a high level of device operability at the time of hot-swapping I/O cards. Configuring the input and output ports on these devices is very straightforward. 

The J-Series line is represented by three series of controllers: J100, J400, and J600. These controllers differ in chassis size and the number of input and output slots/channels:

The J100 is a single-unit video controller for small installations and has one of the best price/performance ratios in the seamless switching market. 

The J400 is a 4U controller and supports up to 32 HD sources or 16 4K sources using eight input slots. Additionally, the display systems can be up to 12 displays with both HD or 4K resolution.

The largest model in the lineup is the J600 controller, capable of accepting up to 56 HD sources or 28 4K input channels using 14 input card slots. The number of output displays can be expanded to 20, at HD or 4K resolution.

All three models demonstrate HDCP encoding and data protection compatibility with advanced EDID management. We are delighted to say that video wall management is now much more efficient, affordable, and simple!