Jupiter Systems and Dutch Police

The Dutch National Police Force consists of 15 Regional Units and one Central Unit. The Central Unit supports the Regional Units combating all forms of crime, including violence and terrorism. It also provides security protection for members of the Royal Family and other VIPs.  The central operations center also handles all emergency call intake and routing. 

Given the importance of Dutch National Police services, the performance and reliability of the sophisticated equipment installed in their numerous control rooms is critical. Operators monitoring data from numerous sources such as camera feeds from e.g. helicopters and security cameras in shopping areas, must be able to maintain a clear overview, while also having the ability to drill-down on any aspect of the covered region requiring closer examination. Live video feeds from remote sites and other critical data are updated regularly.  

It is imperative for security professionals, government officials and stakeholders to be able to communicate with full access to relevant and timely data. Jupiter Systems video wall processors and Canvas collaboration software make that happen by enabling dispatchers to communicate, collaborate, and accomplish mission critical work through a common operating picture, whenever and wherever necessary.  

Jupiter Systems was selected amongst the top brands in the industry, as the manufacturer of choice with 40 years of experience, Jupiter Systems has been the global leader in command-and-control solutions with tens of thousands of high-performance, 24/7 operation, command and control installations in over 50 countries.  

Jupiter Systems offers a full range of solutions for law-enforcement using the most advanced video wall technologies available. With its advanced display wall processors, Jupiter Systems can arm law enforcement agencies with the knowledge they need to act quickly and effectively to protect the public.