Providing End-to-End Video Wall Solutions

Videowall’s made their debut in the early 1980s. Whether they originated in the USA, Europe, or Japan is still up for debate; however, the fact that Jupiter was the 1st to demonstrate multiple, simultaneous video streaming windows on a single display in 1981 is not.

When we hear the word ‘Video Wall”, we historically thought about Mission Critical Locations or a Command and Control Room. However, there are many other ways Video Walls are used, and we’re all exposed to them daily. For example, when you arrive at an airport’s baggage claim, you check the display to see which carousel your baggage will arrive at. Some airports also use video walls as advertising platforms. Another example can be at sporting arenas, where they use video walls to allow everyone to see the action regardless of their seat location.

We also see more video wall applications in retail establishments. With the newer generations being exposed to digital imagery constantly, retailers have to find more creative ways to get and keep their attention. Many businesses use video walls in their lobbies to share various images, company news, or their current COVID-19 protocols. Video walls continue to rise in popularity due to people’s desire to have a larger yet seamless viewing area. With the recent explosion of the NFT landscape, we anticipate the popularity of video walls to grow at a much greater rate soon.

Most people think of Jupiter as a Video Wall Processing company because that’s what we’ve done for 40 years, but with the addition of our Pana LCD displays and Zavus LED displays, Jupiter can now provide the complete video wall experience. Our Pana displays feature a 21:9 aspect ratio and come in sizes as large as 105″. Our Zavus displays redefine direct view LED displays with their Active Matrix Mini-LED technology.
Video Walls are not limited to one purpose and are utilized in hundreds of different ways, and Jupiter is here to help implement whatever use case you desire.

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