Jupiter Processors: Combining Quality and Capability

Video walls are an extremely common audio-visual asset nowadays in large corporations dealing with transportation, utility, telco, security, data centers, and shopping malls. A video wall is crucial for the end client, and usually, a single system is expected to last from 3 to 10 years. Different applications require different back-end “black boxes” to handle the input sources and the display output(s) on the video wall. System integrators and end clients sometimes get confused about the different types of “black boxes” needed for the application.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the differentiating aspects between matrix switchers, video processors, and video controllers.

Jupiter Systems is the world’s leading pioneer of video wall processing and display innovation specializing in mission-critical, secure sharing, and collaborative environments. Forty years of transforming mission-critical organizations through our hardware and software. Currently, we are the only manufacturer which has a full range of video wall controllers that include: J-Series for FPGA/non-OS-based, Catalyst for Windows-based, and PixelNet for 10G IP-based.