Digital Signage Goes Ultrawide

Digital Signage is now everywhere

It is a  fact that we are growing accustomed to seeing digital signage. Why? Two factors: first, the traditional hardware used for digital signage (i.e. legacy LCD/LED displays or LED panels) have benefited from years of innovation and development by the AV industry to become more available, affordable, and more versatile to be placed in many places outdoor or indoor with almost any light or weather conditions. Second, thanks to the forementioned we now see digital signage everywhere: on the streets, in shops, hotels, corporate building lobbies, your local fast food, and even houses of worship.

What is next then?

Now that digital signage is quite present in our daily lives the next challenge among any marketer or companies using those displays is to reach their audience and be seen. In an urban jungle of digital advertisement surroundings, there is in fact a very single way to address this challenge regardless of how large, high, or how passive or interactive your display is: Content.

Content is king, but it needs a proper throne.

Content being displayed at the wrong resolution, stretched, or at a lower quality than it is meant to be shown does more harm and catch the eye for only the wrong reasons! The key to success in a digital installation is to balance this part of the equation, of using the proper content, with the proper signage display. A perfect balance of the two parts will make any signage stand out from the common.

Reaching audiences in a unique way

Due to its ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio , our Pana display allows content to be seen exactly as it should be:  standing humans in pictures will appear fuller and not cropped, and sceneries or landscapes will be the exact way our eyesight is meant to view them in real life. The digital signage possibilities are endless.

One of the other unique features of ultrawide displays is their ability to architecturally blend in ways traditional digital signage screens can’t. They provide additional areas like columns, and elevator entrances to be outfitted to connect customers with brands. They can be used for advertising, product awareness, communication, and promotion

Why ultrawide is superior for digital signage applications

The native 5K resolution of our Pana displays in 81’ and 105’ are above usual standards, with more pixels to work with, in addition to a luminosity of more than 650cd/m2, this is the perfect combination to show what the true definition of digital signage means – making sure heads turn to watch true-to-life unreal content whether in portrait or landscape.

But don’t think that more real estate and more pixels mean more operating cost, at the opposite, the jewel on the crown is the pure fact that a wider canvas reduces in fine the number of displays that would need to be used in a legacy setup, lowering the cost of installation, hardware fulfillment and the total cost of ownership.

No compromises with Jupiter

With an entire range of video processors capable of driving content in the same 5K native resolution our displays are offering, there is no more head-scratching in deciding which signage player or content delivery platform might or might not work with the displays, content you are deciding to use for signage: we simply are the only true ultra-wide 21:9 display leader with a 360° complete offer. To learn more about our products, you can visit our website or contact our sales to book a demo. Let’s collaborate!