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Our mission and corporate culture is to deliver reliable and professional product support to our stake holders through clear communication, rapid implementation and continuous improvement as we work towards deepening customer engagement with our products and services.

Software Downloads

As new firmware versions are created, we’ll make files available here for your download.

J-SeriesClient 6.5.2Download Software

Гарантия Jupiter Care

Краткий справочник по условия гарантии на продукты.

  Стандартная гарантия
Месяцы с момента доставки
Расширенная гарантия
Ограничено # лет
Вне гарантии
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Продукты J-seriesСкачать PDF245
Оборудование CatalystСкачать PDF245
Оборудование PixelNetСкачать PDF245
Программное обеспечение CanvasСкачать PDF1210
Дисплеи PanaСкачать PDF365
Светодиодные экраны Zavus365

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