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Designed for use on video walls, PCs, smartphones and tablets alike, Jupiter’s collaborative visualization solutions are used by businesses and governments in thousands of installations around the world.


Enhancing security worlwide.

Jupiter products are used in public and private security centers around the world, safeguarding property and lives. Real time video and collaboration provide the work environment required for monitoring, response, dispatch, coordination, process management, recording and escalation--from incident detection to resolution.

Jupiter works with the industry’s best providers of security products and services to develop integrations with alarm, VMS, NVR and other systems.

Featured Customers:

Beijing Airport Security (Image)
Emirates Palace, UAE
Federal Police Intelligence Center, SSP, Mexico (Image)
Kangwon Land Casino, Korea (Image)
Munich Airport Security
Niscaya, Sweden
Ontario Airport Police
Port Authority of NY/NJ Security
Securitas, Spain

Traffic & Transportation

Access real time information, from the subway to the freeway to the sky.

Transportation agencies and operators around the world use Jupiter technology to manage traffic, monitor fleets, dispatch emergency response vehicles, anticipate traffic delays and provide alternate routing more quickly and efficiently.

Jupiter uniquely presents real time information from cameras, highway sensors, vehicle GPS systems and other elements of the intelligent transportation system, providing a clear picture to make accurate, informed decisions quickly.

Featured Customers:

Baltimore/Washington International Airport
Beijing Traffic Management Bureau (Photo)
Chicago Transit Authority
Dampier Port Authority (Australia)
Dept. of Transport and Main Roads, Australia
Durham Regional Traffic Management Center
Florida Department of Transportation
New Mexico Dept. of Transportation (Article)
New Zealand Transport Authority (Video)
Panama Canal Authority
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Port Columbus International Airport (Video)



Utilities & Telecom

Providing critical visual information for efficient network management.

Utilities and telecoms face unending need, unpredictable external forces like weather, fire, and earthquake, and the need to drive greater efficiency. 

By getting all of the critical visual information onto video walls, PCs, and mobile devices, where managers can see and share it all, Jupiter provides operators with the real time information they need to reconcile demand with reality. Operators can survey their networks in high resolution, zoom in on potential problems on the grid, and react to prevent cascading problems before they develop.

Featured Customers:

AES Electropaulo, Brazil (Image)
California ISO (Article)
China Mobile
Con Edison, NY
Hydro Ottawa (Case Study)
PG&E (Image)
Telefónica Móviles, Mexico (Image)

Military & Intelligence

High-performance, battle-tested solutions.

Jupiter is the #1 supplier to the US military of display wall processors. For more than 20 years Jupiter has invested in mission critical products designed expressly for US military applications where lives depend on situational awareness. In developing these products, Jupiter has developed a detailed understanding of how the US military operates and what it expects of suppliers.

Jupiter’s best-of-breed products are designed for continuous, 24x7 operation in command and control settings, both tactical and strategic. Built for a wide range of applications, Jupiter products have been adapted for battlespace requirements on land, sea and air. 

Featured Customers:

Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira)
Colombian Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Colombiana)
Department of National Defence, Canada
Swiss Army
Taiwan Ministry of National Defense
UAE Air Force
United Launch Alliance Operations Center
US Air National Guard
US Army
US Central Intelligence Agency
US Defense Information Systems Agency
US Marine Corps
US National Counter Terrorism Center
US National Security Agency
US Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command 


Enabling more efficient diagnosis, treatment and education.

Jupiter solutions enable the delivery of real time video, images, and medical data from clinics, labs, or other clinical facility to classrooms and consulting physicians. Applications extend from medical education and CME to diagnosis and treatment.

The University of Arizona College of Medicine’s new Phoenix campus uses advanced audio-visual technology from Jupiter Systems for distance education and telemedicine. Students and faculty use the technology to interact with other colleges around the world.

Jupiter technology is also employed by many of the world’s leading research institutions, medical device makers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Featured Customers:

Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University
Coppin State University (Article)
Dendreon Corp.
First Health of Arizona
Institute for Advanced Telemedicine
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Onyx Pharmaceuticals
Providence Health
Shenzhen Binhai Hospital, China
Texas Children’s Hospital


Enabling efficient, responsive government.

Managing jurisdictions that range in size from small towns to nations requires access to the best information available and a way to see it in context.

Governments and agencies from Pattaya City in Thailand, to Arapahoe County in Colorado, to the Polish National Assembly, and more than a dozen US government departments and agencies employ Jupiter solutions to deliver essential services.

Featured Customers:

Arapahoe County, CO
Bahrain Ministry of the Interior
City of Chicago, IL
City of Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
Polish National Assembly
Shanghai Meteorological Bureau
Taiwan National Legislature
US Department of State
US Department of Treasury
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Veterans Administration

Emergency Operations

Saving lives and protecting property through better collaboration.

Police, fire, and EMS operations centers are required to manage personnel, vehicle fleets, and incidents in real time over large jurisdictions. In the wake of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, national, state, and local agencies have created new structures and processes for coordinating responses across multiple agencies to save lives and protect property.

Jupiter solutions enable the sharing of real time video, images, and other data between the field and emergency operations centers.  The result is a common operating picture, full situational awareness and timely, appropriate response.

Featured Customers:

US Department of Homeland Security
Beijing Police
Bogotá Fire Department (Colombia)
Dallas Police Department Fusion Center
Federal Police Intelligence Center, Mexico
Los Angeles Police Department (Article)
Los Angeles Fire Department (Article)
New South Wales Rural Fire Service
Ottawa Central Ambulance Command Centre (PDF)
Port Authority of NY/NJ Security

Education & Training

The smarter visualization solution.

Educators have moved far beyond the chalkboard for classroom instruction. Presentation of real time and stored data drives a deeper and more relevant connection to the curriculum. The classroom extends beyond the four walls to include collaboration with students and instructors around the world.

With installations in educational institutions and training centers on almost every continent, Jupiter is recognized as the leading provider of visualization solutions for education, training, and research.

Featured Customers:

Coppin State University (Article)
Johns Hopkins University
NASA Space Center Training
Purdue University
Queensland University, Australia
RMIT, Australia
Stanford University (PDF)
University of Arizona
University of Colorado
University of Indiana


The power to see everything.

Managing the global enterprise requires a 360º view of operations—from supply chain management to sales and distribution.  With visual information coming in from every corner of the business via cameras and applications, the need is to make it all useful, useable, and actionable by the teams who need it now.

Jupiter’s collaborative visualization solutions enable widely dispersed colleagues to see and share critical information anywhere and on virtually any device - on display walls, PCs, smartphones and tablets. 

An advanced collaborative toolset allows workers across the globe to get real work done in real time, annotating directly on shared live video, drawing attention to areas of interest, formulating solutions, and observing results as they happen.

Featured Enterprise Product:


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Featured Customers:

Huntington Bank
Onyx Pharmaceuticals
Rio Tinto Group