RMA Shipping Instructions

RMA Shipping/Return Instructions


Make sure the product is securely and safely packaged or in its original packaging. Place a letter inside the packaging.

Include the following:

  1. Use your letterhead (we can get all the company information from this).
  2. Description of the system or board/part and its serial number.
  3. Description of the problem with the system or board/part
  4. PO#, credit card number, or letter of credit for international customers

There are three reasons for this:

  1. We have an address and contact that we can keep with the unit and a method of contacting you if we have questions.
  2. You give us some help in determining how to repair the product with the description.
  3. There is an address on the inside of the box if the external address is destroyed in shipping.

System Shipments

If you are shipping a full system you must remove all connectors from the system. Do NOT ship the keyboard and mouse. Systems damaged due to inadequate packaging are not covered by warranty.


Make sure you have adequate insurance on the product to cover its value before shipping.

Labeling the Box

Make sure that the RMA number is plainly visible on the outside of the package you are sending. Receiving will refuse any packages without RMA numbers visible on the outside of the package.

International Shipments

Foreign shipments should include our Customs Broker on all shipping documents:

RF International, Ltd.
650-589-8150 voice
650-589-2524 fax

All returns should be shipped freight prepaid. Any customs charges incurred by Jupiter on in-bound non-warranty shipments will be added to the repair charges. All systems are shipped back to the customer freight collect. Customer pays all customs charges incurred by using their own Customs Broker.

The following is the correct address for shipping RMA equipment to Jupiter systems:

Jupiter Systems
RMA #  ________________
31015 Huntwood Avenue
Hayward CA 94544-7007

Foreign customers may include the required statement:
"U.S. manufactured goods being returned for repair."

Customs Broker
RF International Ltd
RA Leslie Company Div.
1818 Gilbreth Road Suite 235
Burlingame CA 94010
650-589-8150 voice
650-589-2524 fax